Flyball Drill - Find the Birdie


Helps outfielders learn the value of a "good jump" so they quickly locate flyballs. This increases their range in all directions.

What's Needed

  • Players
  • Coach
  • Balls
  • An open area


10-15 minutes using 4-6 players at each station

How the Drill Works

  • The coach stands behind player and tosses flyballs with a command of "ball" or "find it".
  • The player turns, sites the ball, runs to make the catch and, using a variation below, fires to the appropriate base.

Softball Coaching Tips

Points can be scored to make a game out of it.


  • An advanced version can be to do this in the outfield. Add another player(s) at a base or bases to work on completing a play with a throw to a proper base.
  • A more advanced version would be to add baserunners who decide whether to try and advance. This leaves the outfielder (or coach or shortstop verbal command) to make decisions of where the ball should be thrown.
  • Use a pitching machine to add speed and accuracy to the drill. Check out our pitching machines HERE.

Why this Drill Works

  • The coach provides individual tips and help
  • Lots of reps can be acheived
  • This drill can involve a full team if you set up two identical stations, one each in left and right fields. For additional safety, have both groups throw to a specific base on their side of the field.